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Open Platform is a Copenhagen-based practice founded by Jennifer Dahm Petersen and Niels Lund Petersen. We use the power of ideas to develop meaningful design, architecture and urban environments. In a world of endless possibilities and climate challenges, we always strive to minimize the human imprint on nature and maximize the positive impact on human life.

think hard. work hard. die hard.

Every project starts with thorough research followed by sketches and volume studies. Designs are tested in digital 3D model combined with physical scale models in foam and 3D print. We present the visions in mood boards, scale models, collages or photo realistic visualizations.


OP's core team consists of eleven dedicated individuals with a wide variety of skills ranging from all facets of architecture, through communication, to strategies for developing society as a whole. On average, team members and founders have worked together for 10+ years, which means a high degree of autonomy. Team diversity includes variation in age, gender, nationality, political preferences and personal values. All united in a good team spirit and common goals.


always open

OPEN is in our name. We cultivate an active international network of colleagues and specialists. Flexible on-demand teams provide our compact organisation great agility and expertise plus the privilege of managing big and complex tasks.

company data

Open Platform is a Private Limited Company 40 63 39 87
Bank:Jyske Bank
Accountant: Bastian & Krause
Legal adviser: Bird & Bird