Sloterdijk Station Square

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a station square and a neighbourhood square in one

  • LocationAmsterdam
  • ProgramSquare with parking for 1.500 bikes
  • ClientAmsterdam Municipality
  • Size1,55 ha
  • Year2013
  • ArkitektNEZU AYMO architects [Skafte Aymo-Boot]

Solving the problem of bicycle parking around one of Amsterdam's busiest stations leads to the creation of a multifunctional square that connects a wide variety of users.

The project for a new Sloterdijk Station Square suggests solving the bicycle parking problem, the introduction of new program, and the addition of green in one simple gesture. Arranging parking places for 1.500 bikes in circles of different sizes, with ring shaped roofs, a variety of open spaces are created in the centre of the circles. Here, different types of public space can be accommodated; mini parks, sport facilities, a stage, a viewing platform, an outdoor café. Functions that are not available otherwise in the monofunctional office area of Sloterdijk.

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The bicycle storages are constructed as segmented steel elements and are easy to disassemble. That makes it uncomplicated to move the rings or increase or reduce the number of bikes in the future. The new square will add a slow traffic layer to the station transport hub, that of the bike, at the same time as providing a place to stay, meet, relax or wait for travellers and Sloterdijk office workers.

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The combination of bicycle parking and programmed public space becomes a beacon for the station area, and an element that connects different user groups of the surrounding area, turning the station square into a multifunctional neighbourhood square.

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