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| Roskilde 2024 | OPping the volunteer game at @roskildefestival 2024. XL boomblaster by @bobenzon and @arkitekturministeriet_ampd + camp area after cloud burst. That’s so Roskilde. See you at @mamas_corner #livemusic #happines #fun #art #architecture #love #orange #roskildefestival

| Alice in Adventureland | Welcome aboard @allicemilller ! Our company outing to @campadventuredk was a real babtism of fire. Thanks for taking up the challenge in the climbing park and the cool forest tower designed by our skilled colleagues @effektarchitects #OpenPlatform #TeamBuilding #ForestTower #NaturensParti #IntoTheWild #Escapism #WelcomeAboard #AdventureAwaits #architectsinnature

| Die trying! | We’re extremely proud of our competition proposal for a new parish house in Fensmark, childhood village of OP partner Niels. Together with contractor Niemann Entreprise and AJ Consult Engineering, we turned the tradional whitewashed church walls of Fensmark church into an untraditional parish house complex. #cannotwinthemall #fensmark #OpenPlatform #inittowinit #praisethearchitecture

| Hanna makes a master’s | One year, one parrish house, one maritime center, one nature center, one chair, one head quarters and one parking house later, @hanna_dtl is leaving us to do her master’s in architecture. The last evening, we had dumplings @gaodumpling and Copenhagen turned pretty in pink #architectsincopenhagen #openplatform #hannaandhersisters #takfornuogpågensyn #dontbeastranger❤️

| Hot off the press! | [Un]finished - Atlas of Athen’s Incomplete Buildings - by artist Maria Lalou and OP partner Skafte AYMO-Boot deals with the politics of urban space by treating the unfinished buildings as study objects and tracing their individual histories. Through the words of current owners and by means of photographs, archival documents and found artefacts, a different chronicle of the development of modern Arthens is taking shape. #readit #architecturebooks #artbooks #athens #unfinished #finished @skafteaymo @lalou_zone #hardcover #openplatform

| Proud parents | We are very proud of the new Nature Center in the mini-farm at Mosen kindergarten. Designed by us and built by Niemann Entreprise, the wooden building neigbours the five significant 1960s concrete towers of Høje Gladsaxe in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen. This oasis of nature calls for a quote by Sir David Attenborough: “If children grow up not knowing about nature and appreciating it, they will not understand it, and if they don’t understand it, they won’t protect it, and if they don’t protect it, who will?” 🌱 #openplatform #naturensparti #architectureforkids #planetfriendly #buildinwood #davidattenborough