Come together

  • LocationFarum, DK
  • ProgramCohousing
  • ClientReka Gruppen A/S
  • Size3.200 m²
  • Year2018
  • CollaboratorsNOVA5

Off cause you don’t wanna be around people all the time, but on the other hand, nobody wants to feel lonely either. How do we achieve this? In the old days people lived in small communities, and there was a philosophical concept of the community as a source of common good. But recreating the pre-1800 experience of the small community is not possible, and maybe not the right answer, as it probably felt rather suffocating for many people because of a high level of social control. The former Bygmarkskole [Bygmark school], is going to be developed into a community of private homes clustered around a shared outdoor space and a big central wooden terrasse. Each single family home has traditional amenities, a private kitchen, livingroom and bedrooms. But residents also have shared space which they can all use, they share a common house, which include a large kitchen and dining area, laundry, and recreational spaces.


This cohousing development is designed to encourage community, while
residents still have as much privacy as they want, in order to find the
right balance between their privacy and the community. The treatment of
the area where the building meets the public zone has been given special
attention. The central outdoor space works as one big interstitial
transition zone, and is the main architectural feature - a wooden
plateau surrounding an open green space with implemented Sustainable
Urban Drainage Systems solutions.


The loneliness “epidemic” is growing. There is a rise of single household and there is less face-to-face interaction between people