Randers Stadium Multibane


Borders without Borders

  • LocationRanders, Denmark
  • ClientMunicipality of Randers, The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities [Lokale og Anl√¶gsfonden]
  • Size400 m2 multibane, 1000 m2 square and landscape
  • YearCompleted 2015
  • CollaboratorsNL Architects, KNAS engineering

A multibane [multi-purpose sports field] is a small soccer field surrounded by a lightweight fence, well known from every small town in Denmark. It is usually cheap and easily mounted, but it often takes up a large area and is rarely used by others than preteen boys. This makes the standard multibane mono functional and standoffish. When LOA asked us to design a Multibane Version 2.0 accessible and attractive to as many people as possible, the challenge was to do this without losing the qualities of the traditional multibane, where the walls are constantly in play.

The shaped landscape becomes a playground
Two lamp posts and a basket goal merge into a sculpture, which is visible from afar

The multibane is made with a minimum of means to create maximum effect. By digging a hole in the ground we define a sports field and remove the visual boundaries, and from the leftover soil we create a small hill for social events.
The hole n' hill design can be adapted to any location, because we simply modify the landscape, that's already there.

Being part of a large sports complex, the multibane is popular at all hours

By sinking the sports field into the ground, we eliminate the
physical and visual barriers and create interaction between the players and spectators.