Sorgenfri School and Sports


Body and soul is one

  • LocationSorgenfri, DK
  • ProgramLearning and sports facilities
  • ClientMunicipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk
  • SizeNew, 580 m². Renovation, 200 m²
  • YearOngoing
  • CollaboratorsNova5

Motor skills and intellectual development are connected. That’s why movement, play and learning go hand in hand and should be understood as an integral part of everyday life at Sorgenfri School.
This project is about creating a well functioning institution with various activities such as yoga, snoezel and other functions in the renovated existing facility to activities requiring more space in a brand new arena.
The arena is visible and accessible for students and teachers during the week, to be used for both teacher-planned activities and during recess. Concurrently, the building welcomes the surrounding environment as an optimistic and noticeable marker – as a centre and symbol of life at Sorgenfri School.


Sorgenfri school is a special school for children with special needs. Like other kids, the 105 students need space for sport and play. Being diagnozed with ADHD and autism, they espically need to feel safe within a socially and physically fixed framework. Today, Sorgenfri school does not offer proper facilities for the students. This means that the teachers and children have to go to sports centers outside the school area. Many children are in a condition, where transportation with others is not an option. As a result the children are left with very little exercise, with the risk of getting overweight. A solution to this rising challenge is to turn the existing small gym into classrooms and establish a new multipurpose sportshall within the premisses of the school. We turn a part of the schoolyard into a sportshall and establish a green schoolyard on the accessible roof.

The interior of the great main room has been designed using stairs, corners and crooked angles that invite individuals and large groups of various sizes to use the facilities in different ways at the same time. This way the space becomes more than just an arena.